Terms & Conditions
  • For the realization of the auction and the direct sale following terms of sale apply. These terms become agreement of the contract at the moment of taking part at the auction or making a written or oral offer.
  • Please note, we only do sell used items in a real auction house, with a real printed catalogue and you have the opportunity to take part on the Auction in person.
  • The sale is by order and account of the client. It will follow in sequence of the numbering in the catalogue, numbered consecutively. The auctioneer has the right to withdraw or divide any lot or alter in scale-sequence as well as to exclude persons from sale or refuse written offers of unknown persons without necessary guarantee.
  • The objects of the sale can be viewed on one’s own costs and risk. Place and time of the preview will be announced in the catalogue. The preview has to be done with the greatest caution and care. Every visitor will be held responsible for any wilfully caused damages of the objects.
  • The catalogue descriptions of the objects are made to the best of my knowledge and belief but do not represent assured properties according §§ 459 BGB (German Civil Code). Conditions they are at the time being offered without guarantee for perceptible or hidden defects or any faulty descriptions in the catalogue. The lot will not be tested unless declared in the description.
  • Oral or written offers must be given in EURO. Absent bidders have the possibility to hand in their orders in a written form or by E-Mail. For handing in written offers please use the written buying order. For handing in offers per E-Mail please follow the necessary information of our internet domain. From a raising of 50 EURO and up we will be glad to phone absent bidders within Germany. Overseas bidders on request. Then you have the opportunity to bid for your desired objects by phone. If you want to be phoned shortly before a call please make a note on the corresponding column in the buying order. We can not guarantee that the telephone connection will be achieved.
  • Offers of absent bidders must be submitted not later than 48 hours prior the beginning of the auction. The auctioneer is obliged to use offers of absent bidders above the catalogue price only to outbid the next higher offer.
  • The raising rates are normally 10%. The auctioneer may allow or fix other raising rates.
  • The award (knocking down) will go to the bidder if there is no outbidding after three calls for an offer. In case of similar written offers the award will go to that bidder whose offer arrived first. In case several persons bid the same amount simultaneously the auctioneer will decide by lot. The auctioneer can refuse the highest the award if the seller thinks it necessary. The auctioneer may knock down an under limit price if the seller agrees. The bidder is fixed to his bid for 4 weeks. Proviso knock down prices will expire without an further information for the proviso offerer if a higher offer arrives or if the seller does not agree to the proviso offer.
  • If objects of the Third Reich are offered it is only for the purpose of civil education, resistance of unconstitutional attempts, reporting current events or historical events. Offered electrical equipments do not comply with modern electricity standards.
  • If there is doubt, whatever or whom the knock-down has gone whether a no-limit-lot has been missed or in any other doubtful cases, the auctioneer shall call for the lot one more time. The previous knocking down will be ineffective after a new call.
  • The knocking down shall result in a contract of sale between the seller and the buyer immediately. It is for the buyer to insure against the risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction of his sale. If a knocked down object is exceptionally delivered before payment has taken place it will remain the possession of the auctioneer until the complete payment inclusively surcharge and tax (only on surcharge) is done.
  • There is a surcharge at a rate of 18% plus sale tax (19%) only on the surcharge.
  • Present buyers pay the knockdown price plus surcharge and sales by cash on the day of the sale.
    Buyers by letter or phone will receive invoice including the knock down price plus surcharge plus sale tax which are to be paid immediately.
  • It is to the buyer and his account to effect postage of the knockdown objects. If not the objects will be mailed as normal postage. Mailing and packing will be charged 8,- EURO for Germany up to 10 Kilogramms and 25,- EURO for Europe for each parcel up to 10 Kilogramms weight. Shipping overseas is to the actuell costs. Bulky parcels in the sense of the German Postal Service ,,Post AG/DHL" command a higher shipping charge. It is to the buyer and his account to effect further insurances in a written form.
  • Default of payment of the buyer will cause an interest of delay of 0.75% for every month. The auctioneer is entitled to collect or sue claims for owner of the lot.
  • The above provisions are also valid for the free sale following the auction during a period of one week after the date of auction.
  • Any commercial actions are only allowed on approval of the auctioneer. Any saleable and heritable rights of realization utilization and copy-right for pictures and other publications concerning the auction belong exclusively to the auctioneer and the owner of the lot. They will not pass to the buyer during the sale.
  • Place of performance for both sides is Landsberg am Lech as far as permitted by law.
  • If any of the provisions of these terms are partly or totally found invalid the remaining provisions shall not be affected there of and remains fully valid.
  • In case of doubt the German version of these conditions of the sale is the relevant and binding text.

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